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SunCalc for Harmattan (Nokia N9 & N950) and Symbian

SunCalc provides all important information related to the Sun's appearance in your local sky, for any geographic location and any date.

See at a glance on the real-time updated graph how the path of the Sun changes through the year and where the Sun is now, in the next couple of hours, tomorrow or on any other day. For any date and location get exact times of sunrise and sunset, dawn and dusk, civil, nautical, amateur and astronomical twilight starts and ends, the time of transit and its elevation (altitude), day and night length (also compared to the previous day and solstice), date of day of the same length, and more.

SunCalc supports either manually entered geographic coordinates or it can get them automatically from the GPS receiver of your smartphone.

Unlike other applications of this type usually only calculating sunrise and sunset times, SunCalc will keep you informed about various twilight levels (e.g. the start of civil twilight is when it is no longer possible to read outside without artificial illumination, or the start of astronomical twilight is when the sky gets completely dark, without any sun light reaching it from below the horizon), and also about the exact time of transit and its elevation, which is when the Sun reaches the highest altitude in the sky on a selected day. You can use it to quickly check how the day and night lengths change between different seasons and compared to the longest or shortest day of the year (the solstice day), how long the Sun stays above or below the horizon, how low under the horizon it goes during the night, and more.

Providing such a detailed and exact information presented both numerically and on the real-time calculated graph, SunCalc will help you to plan your daily activities depending on daylight and darkness as thanks to it you will know when exactly it gets dark or when the first sun rays will start lighting up the sky. Advanced users may find it helpful for many other uses, e.g. to position solar panels at an angle matching the Sun's elevation to get the most of its radiation.

The application provides several different data window sizes (double-tap to switch between them; the chosen size is remembered), scrollable graph, and a built-in help explaining all the supported types of data and terms used.

Reviews: AllAboutSymbian

SunCalc is now available for Harmattan (the Nokia N9 and N950) and for Symbian Anna & Belle on the Nokia Ovi Store:

Harmattan version:

Symbian version:

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StarFinder 2.0 now with Solar System support

New version 2.0 of StarFinder has been released for MeeGo Harmattan phones (the Nokia N9 and N950), Symbian Anna/Belle and BlackBerry Z10. In addition to all features of the first version (described below) it brings support for Solar System objects (tracking and locating all planets + Pluto, the Sun and the Moon) and real time calculation of a range of useful astronomical data for all supported objects, such as:

apparent magnitude, apparent diameter, distance from the Earth and from the Sun, phase / illumination, hour angle, right ascension and declination, elongation, phase angle. Many other important details are also provided, including: orbital period, rotation period, orbit eccentricity, axial tilt, orbit inclination, mean radius, surface gravity, mean density, and more.

For all supported objects (stars, constellations, deep sky objects, planets, etc.) the application now also calculates their rise, set and transit times, as well as transit altitude.


MeeGo Harmattan version:

Symbian version:

BlackBerry BB10 version:

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StarFinder for MeeGo (Nokia N9 & N950) and Symbian

Easily locate stars, constellations, planets, galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, asterisms, meteor shower radiants.

Just select the object of your interest and the program will instantly show you where in the sky it is located. Turn in the direction and look at the altitude shown and... there you have it!

You've heard so many times about Sirius or Vega, or the Pleiades or Hyades, or M31 Andromeda Galaxy, or the Gemini constellation, but you were never able to find them or it's been always taking you a lot of time?  Now it's as easy as one tap!

This version of StarFinder supports all 88 constellations, 72 brightest stars, 21 brightest Messier objects (all visible with the naked eye, i.e. up to +6th apparent magnitude), 20 most popular asterisms, and 26 meteor shower radiants.  For each object useful information is provided, such as coordinates (right ascension and declination), constellation, Bayer/Messier/NGC designation, distance from Earth, apparent and absolute magnitude, visibility (latitudes at which the object can be seen), occurence and intensity (in case of meteor showers), and also a short description and a direct one-tap link to related Mobile Wikipedia article, should you need more details. The application also calculates rise/set and transit times for all objects, and for Solar system bodies (planets, the Sun, the Moon) additionally a rich selection of real time orbit data.

Supports both GPS and manually entered geographic coordinates. Uses magnetometer sensor and orientation sensor along with precise calculation algorithm to track positions of sky objects for any geographic location at any time.

** On MeeGo Harmattan, requires PR1.1 or newer. Doesn't work on the obsolete PR1.0 - please update your phone.   On Symbian, works on all Symbian^3, Anna and Belle phones with nHD screens and magnetometer sensors. On BlackBerry 10 it is currently available for the Z10 phone.



MeeGo version:

Symbian version:

BlackBerry 10 version:

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MoonCalc for MeeGo (Nokia N9 & N950) and Symbian

Advanced Moon tool for the Nokia N9 & N950 and Symbian ^3 / Anna / Belle (now also available for the BlackBerry BB10 and Sailfish OS). Provides rich, real time calculations of Moon phase, age, illumination, distance, apparent size, coordinates (right ascension, declination, ecliptic latitude and longitude), azimuth, elevation, moonrise and moonset times, perigees and apogees, Moon Compass, and more. Supports both GPS and manually entered geographic location coordinates. Daily view shows all current data (as well as for any other selected date and location), monthly view displays summary of phases and illuminations in the current (or any other selected) month, "Perigees and Apogees" and "New and Full Moons" show lists of all corresponding events in a selected year, the Moon Compass lets one rapidly find the Moon on the sky just by looking in the direction (and altitude) shown. New "Moon Path" screen shows an interactive graph presenting Moon's path over your local sky for any date and location. Built-in help pages explain all terms and data provided by the application.

Reviews: AllBoutN9

Symbian version:

BlackBerry BB10 version: