czwartek, 29 grudnia 2016

Unmissable for BlackBerry BB10

Never miss an important call or SMS. Unmissable for BB10 is a headless service that improves and enhances the way your phone notifies you about missed calls and unread text messages.

Normally, the phone flashes the LED for about 15 minutes and then stops. If you leave your phone for more than 15 minutes and then come back, there will be no visual or audible notification of any kind, so you won't know about missed communication until you turn on the display and check it there. 

Unmissable changes it so that visual and/or audible notifications persist indefinitely, i.e. until you view the missed call information or unread message. 

Configuration options include:
  • Enable indefinite notifications for missed calls, unread SMS, or both.
  • Select notification types: LED, Sound, Vibration - any or all of them, separately for calls and SMS.
  • Enable notifications for: All, All but Hidden numbers, Contacts only, Selected Contacts only.
  • Choose LED colors for calls and texts.
  • Select Sound file and notification volume.
  • Select notification interval (every 1, 3, 5, 10, or 30 minutes), separately for calls and texts.
  • Cancel the reminder at any time by pressing Volume Up button.
  • Enable or disable notifications in Bedside Mode.
Other features:
  • Native, headless. Configure once and just let it work invisibly in the background.
  • Virtually ZERO battery or CPU use - does not affect your phone's performance or battery life.

Unmissable is available in the BlackBerry World

wtorek, 22 listopada 2016

Astronomy Bundle for BB10

Astronomy Bundle consists of four 5-star rated astronomy apps: MoonCalc Pro, SunCalc Premium, StarFinder and SATtracker. The bundle's priced 50% OFF the apps' original total price, so you're getting four apps for the price of just two. When you buy this bundle, a simple app will be installed letting you download all the above listed apps FOR FREE. 

This bundle's contents:

>> MoonCalc Pro - Probably the most advanced Moon tool for smartphones: eclipses, New and Full Moons, Super Moons, perigees and apogees, phases, graphs, Moon compass, real-time orbit data, and much more... User rating: 5/5

>> SunCalc Premium - Advanced Sun tracking tool. Know exactly when the Sun rises, sets or transits on any selected day and in any location, get dusk and dawn (and various twilight levels) times, elevation, day length for any date and the whole year, shadow calculator and compass, weather, various graphs, real-time calculated astronomical data, and much more. User rating: 5/5

>> StarFinder - Find position of any astronomical object within seconds, be it a star, planet, galaxy, nebula, asterism, or meteor shower radiant. Just select what you want to find and your phone will instantly point you to its exact position in the sky. All objects also provide detailed astronomical data calculated in real time, rich description, and more. User rating: 4.5/5

>> SATtracker - Track the ISS (International Space Station) and almost 1000 other satellites, see on map their exact current location and orbit for the next hour, and get exact times and sky positions of all their upcoming visible night time passes over your (or any other) location. User rating: 4.5/5

Astronomy Bundle is available from BlackBerry World

piątek, 4 listopada 2016

Holster+ for BlackBerry 10

Holster+ is a simple and ultra-lightweight headless app that can automatically do certain things when you holster/unholster your phone (in a holster equipped with sensor) or place it face down. 

Functions supported by this version (each of them can be freely enabled or disabled): 

* Play sound and/or vibrate when the device is being holstered/unholstered. You'll always know if the magnetic sensor locked your device. You'll also hear if it ever gets accidentally unblocked in your pocket... 

* Play sound and/or vibrate when the device is being placed face down or picked up. You'll always know if the Power Saving mode got enabled by this advanced interaction. You'll also hear when anyone else picks it up. 

* Switch to a selected profile while the phone is holstered or placed face down, then automatically revert to the old profile. 

* Turn off, turn on or toggle Bluetooth. 

* Change Multimedia volume of selected output device (speaker, headphone or both).

* Change Ringtone / Notifications volume.


* Native, headless. 
* Extremely small. 
* Virtually zero CPU, memory or battery use. 
* Configure once and forget about it, it'll work silently in the background doing its job. 


* Holster options work with holsters equipped with magnetic sensor. 

* FaceDown options require both 'Flip to Save Power' and 'Lift to Wake' interactions to be enabled in Settings / Advanced Interaction. If Battery Saving Mode is set to disable Advanced Interactions while it is active, FaceDown options won't work in Battery Saving Mode, either. 

* Only standard profiles are supported. When a custom (user made) profile is active, profile change will be ignored. 

* Profiles which disable notification sounds and/or vibration (e.g. Silent) may also disable this app's sound and/or vibration when the phone is being holstered or placed face down. You can prevent it by changing such profiles' settings for this app (Settings / Notifications / selected profile / App Exceptions). 

Holster+ is available from BlackBerry World.

piątek, 12 sierpnia 2016

piątek, 29 lipca 2016

Headless ScreenCorder - the first and only HEADLESS screen recording app for BB10

The first and only HEADLESS screen recording app. Enjoy the freedom of recording the screen of your phone at any time and from any window, without first having to launch a screen recording app and keeping it open. ScreenCorder is a small (60 kB ) headless service that works in the background all the time and is always ready to record your screen as soon as you DOUBLE-PRESS the POWER button. Another advantage is that as the app doesn't have to be open, its Active Frame won't be appearing in your recordings.

The user can choose between several resolutions and bitrates. Frame rate choice and some other options will be added in future releases. Videos are stored in MP4 format (the same as videos recorded with the camera) in the Camera folder, either in device memory or on the memory card, depending on user's choice. Sound (if enabled) is in AAC format.


** The Headless mode has certain tight restrictions, one of them being limited memory that a headless service can use. Due to this, the highest video resolution is only supported WITHOUT AUDIO. Sound can be recorded with two lower video resolutions ONLY. It is not a bug or shortcoming, it's an OS limitation that cannot be overcome (in max resolution the video buffer takes too much of memory available for a headless service for the audio buffer to also fit there).

** The current version has NOT been tested on the PASSPORT. Without access to real device, we couldn't test if the highest (native 1440x1440) resolution can be recorded on it by a headless service. Such thing could not be tested in the simulator. The two lower resolutions certainly work fine. All other phone models were fully tested. We look forward to Passport users' feedback.

Headless ScreenCorder is now available in the BlackBerry World store.

poniedziałek, 25 lipca 2016

Power:Less - BB10 power-saving enhancer

Power:Less is a tiny, native headless service enhancing power-saving features of BB10 devices. Fully automatic, just install and save power, and benefit from less unnecessary radiation around you. 


  • Automatically disable Bluetooth when entering Battery Saving Mode. Bluetooth will be automatically enabled when Battery Saving Mode is exited.
  • Automatically disable Bluetooth when entering Bedside Mode. Bluetooth will be automatically enabled when Bedside Mode is exited. (This function requires Battery Saving to be enabled for Bedside Mode in its settings). 
  • Automatically disable Bluetooth by simply placing the phone face down. Bluetooth will be automatically enabled when you pick up the phone. (This function requires "Flip to save power" to be enabled in Settings / Advanced Interactions). 
  • An extra feature is to automatically enable WiFi when exiting Battery Saving Mode or Bedside Mode. (NOTE: on BB10 phones it is IMPOSSIBLE to turn WiFi OFF programatically, so it takes disabling it manually, e.g. before entering the Bedside Mode. Fortunately, it only takes one tap on the Quick Settings WiFi button and then you won't have to remember about turning WiFi back ON as Power:Less will do it for you). Sleep well without unneeded Bluetooth and WiFi radiation and power consumption.
  • The headless service is very small (30 kB!) and takes virtually ZERO resources.

Power:Less for BB10 is available in the BlackBerry World store.

czwartek, 21 lipca 2016

EasyVolume for BB10

Control volume and mute/umute audio anytime with a single press. EasyVolume is an ultra-lightweight native headless application working invisibly in the background and letting you control audio with a single press of a button.

No more pressing and holding the Volume button and waiting until it reaches the desired volume level (e.g. zero to mute, which takes ages), or pressing it repeatedly multiple times. From now on, in any screen or application, just long-press the Volume Up or Down button and then simply select the desired volume. Or, even simpler and quicker, just short-press the middle Media button anytime (even when the device is locked) to instantly Mute or Unmute audio.

You can use both or just one of these functions, which is configurable in Settings. You can also choose if the Mute/Unmute function is enabled when the screen is off or the phone is locked.

The GUI part is only needed to choose the settings and then it can be closed and forgotten. Small and lightweight headless service will continue to work in the background and automatically restart upon reboot.

Additionally, on the Channel Control page you can see and/or modify levels of multiple audio devices (e.g. Bluetooth HFP, A2DP, wired headphones, HDMI Out, etc) including those which are not currently connected, which normally isn't accessible. EasyVolume automatically recognizes currently active device.

  • Ultra-lightweight, native, headless. The installation file is less than 100 kB. Takes virtually no CPU time or battery.
  • Quickly change volume or Mute/Unmute with a single button press, from any screen or app.
  • Enable either of the functions or both of them.
  • Allow or deny Mute/Unmute button when screen off or phone locked.
  • Enable or disable vibration feedback.
  • Active Frame showing currently active device and its volume.
  • True Mute, not 0% volume.

EasyVolume for BB10 is available in the BlackBerry World store.

piątek, 15 stycznia 2016

MoonCalc Pro for BB10 now with Moon eclipse calculations

MoonCalc Pro is probably the most advanced Moon tool for smartphones. There's little - if ANY - Moon related data or calculations that this application wouldn't be providing (all current astronomical data and orbit parameters, full and new Moons, perigees and apogees, full and new Supermoons, Moon compass, Moon graph, and more) and the latest update even adds calculation of Moon eclipses (penumbral, partial and total), making this application 100% complete.  MoonCalc Pro is a Built For BlackBerry certified application. See previous posts for more details.

MoonCalc Pro for BB10 is available in the BlackBerry World store.

Headless Torch for BB10 - the easiest and quickest access to flashlight

Do you find it annoying that whenever you need to quickly use your phone as flashlight you need to unlock it, go through multiple screens and select it from the quick menu, and then disable it the same cumbersome way?

Headless Torch is a tiny but useful tool - a headless service working invisibly in the background, providing the quickest and easiest access to the flashlight function - just by double pressing the middle Media button at any time, even when the phone is locked (if you choose so). Made to be as simple and lightweight as possible, with no unnecessary options, at virtually zero CPU or battery usage. There are several modes of operation and the button can be blocked automatically when the device is holstered. An optional camera shutter sound can be enabled or disabled, according to your liking.

From now on, with this tool you'll be able to switch flashlight on and off within half a second.

Headless Torch is available in the BlackBerry World store.

PanoRIMio for BB10 updated

PanoRIMio is a geolocation-based photo viewer, letting you instantly watch photos of virtually any location in the world, or simply enjoy countless stunning views and amazing landscapes. It uses Google's Panoramio service consisting of more than 70 million high-quality, user-submitted photos of locations. Multiple location selection options (address, coordinates, map, GPS), ability to find photos by tag/keyword, several viewing modes including a slideshow, and more, make this application stand out compared to other apps of this kind. It is also integrated with Google Maps and Street View, so that you can always see the exact place a picture was taken at. One of its advantages is also that it shows EXCLUSIVELY photos of places, panoramas, landscapes, etc., NOT spoiled by countless selfies,family pictures or other unrelated stuff like that, which is usually the case in other similar apps.

PanoRIMio 1.1.0 update brings the following improvements:
  • added "Random Locations" option - it shows an endless stream of the most beautiful pictures from randomly selected locations in the world. Good if you just want to enjoy stunning views rather than any specific place. Especially nice in slideshow mode as makes the slideshow virtually endless 
  • added an option to play music (user-selected audio file) during slideshow
  • added an option in Settings to keep the screen awake during slideshow 
  • added an option to either auto-pause slideshow every 50 minutes (a protection against leaving it running unattended) or run continuously
  • in single image (details) view, swipe to the left for the next image
  • 'peek' (BB10 standard gesture) to go back to previous screen enabled accross the whole application
  • redesigned the UI to make it consistent with BB10 UI guidelines
  • other small tweaks and improvements
  • submitted for Built For BlackBerry approval, still waiting (it now takes ages).
PanoRIMio is available in the BlackBerry World store.