poniedziałek, 5 marca 2018

Headless VoiceCorder for BlackBerry BB10

Instant audio recording at your fingertips, always ready to use with just a button press at any time, and with no need to start any app. Even when your phone is locked or holstered.

Works for recording phone calls, too - just double-press the configured button while on a call to instantly start recording it.

And if you wish so, by disabling selected or all notifications (sound/vibra feedback on recording start/end, LED blinking, Hub notification) you can also make it completely invisible and unnoticeable by anyone (it is done entirely in the background with no visible elements of any kind), and it can even auto-stop after the configured time. You can start recording and literally give the phone to someone - he can play with your phone and won't notice being recorded (it may be illegal in some countries, it's up to you to respect the law).

Launch the UI / Settings part just once, configure all desired options, close it, and the headless service will keep working invisibly in the background so that you can start recording audio at any time, just by quickly double-pressing the chosen button. You can then stop recording by double-pressing the same button again, or it can stop automatically after the chosen period of time. 

The headless service consumes almost no memory and virtually no CPU time or battery life so it can be kept running all the time waiting for you to use it, with absolutely no impact on your phone's performance. 

Headless VoiceCorder provides a rich choice of user-configurable options: which button to use (Volume Up, Volume Down or Mute), when the button is active (Always, Only When Locked, Only When Not Locked), whether to allow or block voice recording when the device is holstered (in a holster with magnetic sensor), time to automatically stop recording, memory to use (device or memory card), sound and/or vibration feedback when recording starts and ends, LED flashing while recording, Hub notification when the recording has been successfully saved, as well as audio file parameters: format (WAV, AMR or M4A), sampling rate (8 kHz - 48 kHz) and the number of channels (mono or stereo).

  • Native, headless
  • Small and power-efficient - virtually no CPU or battery life consumption
  • Lets you record audio or take voice notes at any time with just a press of a button, even when the phone is locked or holstered
  • Highly configurable
  • You can disable its audio/vibration feedback and notifications for a completely unnoticeable audio recording
  • Configurable auto-stop timer.

piątek, 2 marca 2018

Talking Clock for BlackBerry BB10

Talking Clock is a tiny native headless app which works invisibly in the background and (using speech synthesis) speaks the current time in your selected language - hourly, half-hourly or quarterly. It uses virtually no resources or battery life and provides very rich configuration options.

  • The time can be spoken in one of 58 languages (virtually all major languages are supported)
  • 8 voice variants (3 male voices, 3 female voices, child, robot)
  • Configurable speech rate, pitch, word gap, intonation
  • 24 or 12 hour clock
  • Customizable message format: add words in your language before the hour, after the hour and after minutes. By default the app just says the time (e.g. 11:45) but you can easily change it to say "It's 11 hours and 45 minutes AM", or "Es ist 11 Uhr 45 Minuten", or "Jest godzina 11:45", or whatever else you feel like
  • Customizable A.M. / P.M. texts for your language
  • Customizable hour names. If your language uses a different case than nominative, you can enter texts for each hour in the correct form. E.g. "eleventh" instead of "eleven", or "jedenasta" instead of "jedenaście" in Polish, and so on.
  • Choose interval: hourly, half-hourly or quarterly
  • Exclude hours: the time will not be announced between the selected hours
  • Exclude days: the time will not be announced on the selected days of week
  • Choose active profiles: the time will be spoken only in the profiles you select
  • Mute in Bedside Mode: the time will not be spoken when the device is in the Bedside Mode.

  • Native, headless. Run once, configure all options, close and let it always work for you invisibly in the background.
  • Tiny and lightweight - virtually zero memory, CPU or battery consumption.
  • Works fully OFFLINE, the app does NOT require Internet connection and never connects to the Internet.