niedziela, 19 maja 2013

MoonCalc Pro ported to Sailfish OS

Now available for Jolla's new Sailfish OS is also MoonCalc Pro, just ported from Harmattan.  So now we have FOUR applications ready for launch for the Sailfish OS, and two more coming within the next week or two. Who has more? :-)

P.S. Some further visual tweaks and improvements will be applied once I can get hold of a Sailfish OS device and test the apps on real hardware.

StarFinder Pro ported to Jolla's Sailfish OS

StarFinder Pro is another port from Harmattan to Jolla's new Sailfish OS. See earlier posts for full description of this application.

Biorhythms Pro ported to Jolla's Sailfish OS

Biorhythms Pro (full description can be found in earlier posts) has just been ported to Jolla's upcoming Sailfish OS. Some screenshots follow: