poniedziałek, 29 maja 2017

Live LockScreen: THE SUN. Live Sun data on BB10 Lock Screen

The Lock Screen of your BlackBerry 10 phone doesn't have to be static and boring anymore. The "Live LockScreen" series of apps brings live content to your LockScreen.

'Live LockScreen: THE SUN' displays live Sun Rise, Set, Dawn and Dusk times, for both today and tomorrow, right on your Lock Screen where you can always see it at a glance without having to open any app or doing anything else. The widget is automatically updated daily at midnight so the information you see is always up to date.

Just enter your location (or get it from the GPS) and choose the wallpaper image, and then you can forget about this app and let it always show current Sun times on your Lock Screen forever.

This app shows not only the usual Rise and Set times, but also Dawn and Dusk times, i.e. when it actually gets dark in the evening or when the first rays of light start lighting up the sky in the morning. This is very useful for people who need to plan their daily activities based on daylight availability, for travelers to safely get back home from their trips before it gets dark, and so on. No need to launch any app anymore - from now on a look at your Lock Screen is all it takes.

It is a headless app working invisibly in the background, without ANY impact on your phone's battery life or performance as it is active only for a few seconds a day.

  • Always up to date Sun Rise, Set, Dusk and Dawn times for both the present and the next day, right on your Lock Screen
  • Automatically updated daily
  • Choose any wallpaper image you want
  • Optionally enable black background behind the widget
  • Absolutely no impact on battery life or performance
  • Tiny headless service working invisibly in the background
  • No Internet connection, all calculations are done locally by the app itself
  • Permissions used (and required for the app to work): Work In Background (headless service), Access To Shared Files (wallpaper images), Location (if you want to be able to get your location from the GPS).