wtorek, 30 września 2014

SATtracker for BlackBerry 10

Track ISS (International Space Station) and almost 1000 other satellites, see their current orbits and locations, calculate their visible night time passes over any location.


  • supports ISS and 920+ other satellites which can be quickly selected from the built-in database and changed anytime
  • automatically downloads current orbit data for highest precision, stores previously downloaded data for use without Internet connection
  • track the ISS and two other freely selectable satellites at once
  • see on map current satellite location and orbit path within the next hour with 5 minute steps
  • get a detailed list of all upcoming visible night time passes over any location (date & time, duration, azimuth and elevation of approach, transit and departure)
  • supports both GPS and manually entered coordinates of your location.

Did you know that the ISS (International Space Station) is one of the brightest and most spectacular object in the night sky? In favourable conditions its brightness (up to -4 Mag.) exceeds that of the brightest star (Sirius) and even the brightest planet (Venus), sometimes even by up to 8-16 times when the ISS produces flares as sunlight glints off its reflective surfaces - so it often becomes the third brightest object in our sky, after the Sun and the Moon. Many other satellites are also bright enough to be seen with the naked eye, so each of them is a great target for sky watchers.

Satellites orbit the Earth at very high speeds so they pass over one's location many times a day but they are visible only in certain conditions: when the sky is dark enough not to outshine them, and the Sun is not too low under the horizon for its light to still reach the satellite and get reflected by it. This means that satellites can be seen usually only shortly after the sunset or before the sunrise, and it only takes them several minutes to cross the sky and disappear.

That's why a satellite tracker like this one can be of great help to localize them. Just launch this program, select satellites of your interest and get all details of their locations and visible passes updated in real time.

SATtracker is now available in the BlackBerry World: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/59941047/

poniedziałek, 1 września 2014

PanoRIMio for BlackBerry 10 (BB10)

PanoRIMio is a native (BB10 Cascades), feature rich Panoramio viewer for BlackBerry 10, providing you easy and quick access to tens of millions of Panoramio pictures from around the world, easier and quicker than on Panoramio itself. Countless images of any location are at your disposal within seconds and can be viewed in a multitude of ways.

Multiple location input options (address or place of interest, coordinates in either decimal or DMS format, map, current location from GPS) let you easily select the exact place you want to see pictures of, and you can even choose a range in kilometers around the selected point to include images from.

Don't want to browse by location? There is also a "Tag / Keyword" option that shows images by tags or subject - just type e.g. "HDR" to view tens of thousands of beautiful HDR pictures, or "sunset" to see countless sunset sceneries, or even "Car crash" for images of car accidents from all around the world. Or anything else you'd like to see.

Select from four gallery types to view the images in your preferred way: filmstip-like vertically scrollable list, tile grid, slideshow with configurable interval, or the classic map layer.

Whichever gallery type you choose, just tap on an image in a list or grid to show the details page with high-resolution image that can be resized and panned to see more detail, as well as all important data of that image: title, author, coordinates, and upload date.

Google Map button shows you the exact location at which the photo was taken on Google Maps (switchable between roadmap, satellite, hybrid and terrain views) and where available also StreetView button is shown providing one-click access to street view panorama of that place.


- native, small and fast
- multiple location input methods to see images by location: address or place name, coordinates (decimal or DMS), map, current location from GPS
- choose range (1-50 km) around selected location to include images from
- "Tag / keyword" input for viewing images by tag / subject rather than location
- four gallery types: vertical list, tile grid, slideshow (with configurable interval), map layer
- Google Maps and Street View integration showing the exact place pictures were taken at
- details shown for every image, including: title, author, upload date, coordinates. Direct links to author's page and image's page at Panoramio are always provided.
- one tap access to original (usually multi-megapixel) size of the image (save, share, set as wallpaper, etc.)
- more features coming soon.

PanoRIMio works on all BB10 devices and display aspect ratios.

It is now available in the BlackBerry World store: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/59937778/