sobota, 1 lipca 2017

Sound Scheme for BB10 - add customizable sound notifications to almost all OS events

Sound Scheme - just like sound schemes in a desktop OS like Windows - lets you add customized sound notifications to almost 40 system events. Each event can be freely enabled or disabled and you can select your own sounds for each of them.

From now on, you don't have to look at your phone to know when e.g. the battery finishes charging, when data services get enabled, when your device auto-locks or unlocks in your pocket, when you go out of your mobile network's coverage and the phone loses signal, when you enter or exit roaming, when the battery is low or empty, when there's too little free space in internal memory, and much more. You will simply hear your configured sound notification for every enabled event.  It is a tiny headless service working invisibly in the background so once you configure it you can just forget about it and enjoy the notifications as if they were fully integrated with the OS.

Events supported in this version include:

- Operating System Loaded / App started
- Mobile Radio Enabled
- Mobile Radio Disabled
- Mobile Network Connected
- Mobile Network Disconnected
- Mobile Data Enabled
- Mobile Data Disabled
- Roaming Entered
- Roaming Exited
- WiFi Radio Enabled
- WiFi Radio Disabled
- WiFi Network Connected
- WiFi Network Disconnected
- Bluetooth Radio Enabled
- Bluetooth Radio Disabled
- Bluetooth Connected
- Bluetooth Disconnected
- NFC Radio Enabled
- NFC Radio Disabled
- Device Holstered (requires holsters with magnetic sensor)
- Device Unholstered
- Device Placed Face Down (requires "Flip To Save Power" interaction to be enabled in phone's Settings)
- Device Picked Up from Face Down
- Battery Charging Started
- Battery Charging Stopped
- Battery Full
- Battery Low (with configurable level)
- Battery Empty
- Battery Saving Mode Enabled
- Battery Saving Mode Disabled
- Internal Storage Memory Low Space (with configurable threshold and warning interval)
- Memory Card Low Space (with configurable threshold)
- Device Password-Locked
- Device Password-Unlocked
- Device Screen-Locked
- Device Screen-Unlocked
- Device PIN-Blocked
- Device PIN-Unblocked
- Profile changed.

You can allow or deny sounds in Bedside Mode and select which profiles the app will be active in.

Future updates will add volume control and even more events.

Please see the "About" screen in the app for detailed information.


- Tiny autostarting headless service working invisibly in the background, fully integrated with the OS
- Configure once and forget about it
- Virtually no battery or CPU usage
- Almost 40 events supported in this version
- Enable or disable sounds in Bedside Mode
- Select profiles which the app will be active in
- Permissions used: Work In Background (required for the headless service to work), Access Shared (needed to allow selecting custom sounds).


* The app comes with some basic sounds preconfigured. You can freely change them to any other audio files.

* If you use your own sounds, we recommend choosing short and subtle ones. Too long or too aggressive sounds can quickly become annoying.

* We recommend only choosing the events you really need to be notified about. Enabling sounds for too many events can make your phone notify you about unimportant things way too often, which you'll quickly find distrupting.

* Sometimes multiple events may take place simultaneously, e.g. when you disable the WiFi radio an active WiFi connection gets terminated at the same time (both of which can have their own sounds), or when battery charging stops at full charge. In such case usually only one of the two notifications will be heard.

Sound Scheme is now available in BlackBerry World