poniedziałek, 23 czerwca 2014

SunCalc Premium for BlackBerry 10 / BB10

In addition to being available for MeeGo, Symbian and Sailfish OS, SunCalc Premium has been ported to BlackBerry 10.

SunCalc Premium provides everything you need to know about the Sun & daylight. Track Sun position and its path through the local sky for any location/date, get exact times of sunrise, sunset, dawn, dusk, twilight (civil, nautical, amateur, astronomical) levels, time of transit, day/night length (also compared to other days and solstice) - everything presented on an interactive graph. Calculate shadow length & direction. See day/night length graphs for the entire year for any location. Use Sun & Shadow compass. Monitor when the Sun gets above & below selected altitude. Get real-time astronomical data of the Sun. Store your favourite locations and quickly switch between them, or use the GPS receiver for your current location.

 Great tool for astronomers, photographers and for everyone else whose activities depend on daylight. Also for travellers who can easily check when in the destination days are longest, and when the sun rises or sets so that they can safely return home from their trips.


- track Sun position (elevation and azimuth) for any location and date
- see it on an interactive graph presenting data for every hour
- get times of all events: sunrise/sunset, dawn/dusk, transit/solar noon, twilights: civil, nautical, amateur, astronomical
- calculate day length (also vs. yesterday and solstice, and "same day length as on...")
- night length
- monitor when the sun rises/sets above/below selected custom altitude and how long it stays above it
- choose between day length (and night length) calculated either for sunrise-sunset or dusk-dawn times
- choose between sunrise and sunset times calculated either for Sun disc's upper limb or its center touching the horizon, with or without atmospheric refraction accounted for
- store favorite locations (name, coordinates, time zone, custom altitude to monitor) and switch between them
- use GPS receiver for your current location
- time zone (and DST status) in Location settings retrieved automatically and shown as recommended setting
- favorite locations' coordinates can be entered manually, or reverse geocoded from a street address, or retrieved from the GPS receiver
- Day / Night Length Graph showing day/night length for the entire year for any location
- Shadow Length and Direction Calculator for any location and time
- all important astronomical data of the Sun calculated in real time for any location and date, including: azimuth, elevation, visual and absolute magnitude, apparent diameter, distance from Earth in km and AU, hour angle, right ascension, declination, ecliptic latitude and longitude, obliquity, rotation and orbital period, and more.
- detailed help built-in, also explaining all Sun related terms and data
- native Qt application with Qt components.


BlackBerry 10 version: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/58166888/

MeeGo (Nokia N9) version: http://store.ovi.com/content/363612