poniedziałek, 27 marca 2017

Live LockScreen: THE MOON. Live Moon data on the Lock Screen

The Lock Screen of your BlackBerry 10 phone doesn't have to be static and boring anymore.

'Live LockScreen: THE MOON' displays live Moon data right on your Lock Screen where you can always see it at a glance without having to open any app or doing anything else. Content is automatically updated daily, so the information you see is always up to date.

Moon data shown on the Lock Screen includes:

* Current Moon Phase (shown as Moon face image and phase name)
* Today's exact Moon Rise and Set times for your location
* Current Percentage of Moon face's illumination
* Name and image of the constellation the Moon is currently crossing.
* Upcoming updates will add information about Super Moons and eclipses.


* Always up-to-date Moon data right on your Lock Screen
* Automatically updated daily
* Choose any wallpaper image you want
* Optionally enable black background behind the widget
* Absolutely no impact on battery life or performance
* Tiny headless service working invisibly in the background
* Permissions used (and required for the app to work): Work in Background (headless service), Access to Shared Files (wallpaper images), Location (if you want to get your location from GPS).

Live LockScreen: THE MOON is now available from the BlackBerry World

piątek, 17 marca 2017

Live LockScreen: BIORHYTHM. Live Biorhythm graphs on the Lock Screen of your BB10 device

The Lock Screen of your BB10 phone doesn't have to be static and boring anymore! The 'Live LockScreen' series adds LIVE content to your Lock Screen, providing you with regularly and automatically updated data whenever you look at the Lock Screen of your device.

Live LockScreen: Biorhythm displays your current biorhythm cycles (updated daily at midnight) in form of a graph located at the bottom of the Lock Screen. Now you can always see your up-to-date biorhythm readings at a glance, without having to open any app or doing anything else!

Use this app (instead of your phone's Settings) to choose any wallpaper image you want like you do normally. For best results and good readability select an image that does not obscure the graph, or - alternatively - you can enable black background behind the graph to make it legible. You can also decide whether to show graph labels (reminding you which colors represent the physical, emotional and intellectual cycles) and your current age in days. The graph shows you the current day in its center (marked with red triangle, or a yellow warning sign on critical days when one of the cycles crosses its zero point) as well as past 30 days on the left and the next 30 days on the right side. 

Once configured, you can just forget about this app and let it update the graph for you daily, forever. As the content gets updated only once per day at midnight, this application has absolutely no impact on your phone's performance or battery life.

  • Always up-to-date biorhythm reading at a glance
  • Warning symbol shown on critical days
  • Your current age in days (optional)
  • Automatically updated daily at midnight
  • Choose any wallpaper image you want
  • Optionally enable black background behind the graph
  • Absolutely no impact on battery life or performance
  • Tiny headless service working invisibly in the background
  • Permissions used (and required for the app to work): Work in Background, Access to Shared Files
  • No matter if you believe in the biorhythm theory or not, it's just fun to have it and bring some LIFE to your Lock Screen!

LIVE LockScreen: Biorhythm is now available from the BlackBerry World

wtorek, 10 stycznia 2017

Utility Bundle for BlackBerry BB10

Utility Bundle BlackBerry 10 consists of eight high quality (all with five-star rating) utilities for the price of just four, i.e. 50% OFF.  It is a TIME LIMITED offer, so don't wait!

This bundle consists of:

>> Unmissable - Never miss important calls or SMS messages. Advanced, highly configurable missed call and unread SMS reminder, headless and fully integrated with the OS. With Unmissable the missed call or unread SMS LED notification won't stop after 15 minutes but it will keep blinking until you view the call or message, and you can also enable an optional sound and/or vibration reminder with configurable interval. User rating: *****

>> Headless ScreenCorder - Record the screen of your phone to a movie at any time and from any window, with a press of a button. The only headless screen recording app for BlackBerry 10, winner of the Developer Hero contest. User rating: *****

>> Headless Torch - The quickest and easiest access to flashlight, with a press of a single button, even when the phone is locked or holstered. User rating: *****

>> Holster+ - Automatically change profiles, toggle Bluetooth, change multimedia and notification volume, and more, when you holster/unholster your phome or place it face down. User rating: *****

>> EasyVolume - Mute/unmute and change volume with a single tap or button press. User rating: *****

>> Power:Less - Automatically toggle Bluetooth On/Off to save even more power in Battery Saving Mode, Bedside Mode, or when you place the phone face down. User rating: *****

>> Headless Cuckoo - Customizable hourly (and half-hourly / quarter-hourly) headless chime app. User rating: *****

>> Headless Biorhythm - Headless biorhythm calculator which automatically delivers daily biorhythm readings and their interpretations as notifications directly to your Hub and Lock screen. User rating: *****


It's simple! When you get this bundle, it will install an app letting you download all the above listed paid apps FOR FREE!

This bundle is available here: Utility Bundle for BB10 - BlackBerry World

czwartek, 29 grudnia 2016

Unmissable for BlackBerry BB10

Never miss an important call or SMS. Unmissable for BB10 is a headless service that improves and enhances the way your phone notifies you about missed calls and unread text messages.

Normally, the phone flashes the LED for about 15 minutes and then stops. If you leave your phone for more than 15 minutes and then come back, there will be no visual or audible notification of any kind, so you won't know about missed communication until you turn on the display and check it there. 

Unmissable changes it so that visual and/or audible notifications persist indefinitely, i.e. until you view the missed call information or unread message. 

Configuration options include:
  • Enable indefinite notifications for missed calls, unread SMS, or both.
  • Select notification types: LED, Sound, Vibration - any or all of them, separately for calls and SMS.
  • Enable notifications for: All, All but Hidden numbers, Contacts only, Selected Contacts only.
  • Choose LED colors for calls and texts.
  • Select Sound file and notification volume.
  • Select notification interval (every 1, 3, 5, 10, or 30 minutes), separately for calls and texts.
  • Cancel the reminder at any time by pressing Volume Up button.
  • Enable or disable notifications in Bedside Mode.
Other features:
  • Native, headless. Configure once and just let it work invisibly in the background.
  • Virtually ZERO battery or CPU use - does not affect your phone's performance or battery life.

Unmissable is available in the BlackBerry World

wtorek, 22 listopada 2016

Astronomy Bundle for BB10

Astronomy Bundle consists of four 5-star rated astronomy apps: MoonCalc Pro, SunCalc Premium, StarFinder and SATtracker. The bundle's priced 50% OFF the apps' original total price, so you're getting four apps for the price of just two. When you buy this bundle, a simple app will be installed letting you download all the above listed apps FOR FREE. 

This bundle's contents:

>> MoonCalc Pro - Probably the most advanced Moon tool for smartphones: eclipses, New and Full Moons, Super Moons, perigees and apogees, phases, graphs, Moon compass, real-time orbit data, and much more... User rating: 5/5

>> SunCalc Premium - Advanced Sun tracking tool. Know exactly when the Sun rises, sets or transits on any selected day and in any location, get dusk and dawn (and various twilight levels) times, elevation, day length for any date and the whole year, shadow calculator and compass, weather, various graphs, real-time calculated astronomical data, and much more. User rating: 5/5

>> StarFinder - Find position of any astronomical object within seconds, be it a star, planet, galaxy, nebula, asterism, or meteor shower radiant. Just select what you want to find and your phone will instantly point you to its exact position in the sky. All objects also provide detailed astronomical data calculated in real time, rich description, and more. User rating: 4.5/5

>> SATtracker - Track the ISS (International Space Station) and almost 1000 other satellites, see on map their exact current location and orbit for the next hour, and get exact times and sky positions of all their upcoming visible night time passes over your (or any other) location. User rating: 4.5/5

Astronomy Bundle is available from BlackBerry World

piątek, 4 listopada 2016

Holster+ for BlackBerry 10

Holster+ is a simple and ultra-lightweight headless app that can automatically do certain things when you holster/unholster your phone (in a holster equipped with sensor) or place it face down. 

Functions supported by this version (each of them can be freely enabled or disabled): 

* Play sound and/or vibrate when the device is being holstered/unholstered. You'll always know if the magnetic sensor locked your device. You'll also hear if it ever gets accidentally unblocked in your pocket... 

* Play sound and/or vibrate when the device is being placed face down or picked up. You'll always know if the Power Saving mode got enabled by this advanced interaction. You'll also hear when anyone else picks it up. 

* Switch to a selected profile while the phone is holstered or placed face down, then automatically revert to the old profile. 

* Turn off, turn on or toggle Bluetooth. 

* Change Multimedia volume of selected output device (speaker, headphone or both).

* Change Ringtone / Notifications volume.


* Native, headless. 
* Extremely small. 
* Virtually zero CPU, memory or battery use. 
* Configure once and forget about it, it'll work silently in the background doing its job. 


* Holster options work with holsters equipped with magnetic sensor. 

* FaceDown options require both 'Flip to Save Power' and 'Lift to Wake' interactions to be enabled in Settings / Advanced Interaction. If Battery Saving Mode is set to disable Advanced Interactions while it is active, FaceDown options won't work in Battery Saving Mode, either. 

* Only standard profiles are supported. When a custom (user made) profile is active, profile change will be ignored. 

* Profiles which disable notification sounds and/or vibration (e.g. Silent) may also disable this app's sound and/or vibration when the phone is being holstered or placed face down. You can prevent it by changing such profiles' settings for this app (Settings / Notifications / selected profile / App Exceptions). 

Holster+ is available from BlackBerry World.

piątek, 12 sierpnia 2016