sobota, 29 sierpnia 2015

SunCalc Premium now Built For BlackBerry approved

I am pleased to inform that SunCalc Premium for BB10 is now Built For Blackberry approved.

This means that it has been positively verified for full compliance with all BlackBerry criteria when it comes to UI design, power and resource efficiency, user expierience, code quality, security, functionality, etc.

It is also the only Sun tracking tool for BB10 with the Built For BlackBerry designation.

SunCalc Premium is available in the BlackBerry World

piątek, 21 sierpnia 2015

Two new EasyStreetView updates for BB10

Two new EasyStreetView updates have been made.

One update (already approved and available) brings changes which were necessary for the application to continue working, as Google changed something recently in their APIs which was causing problems. Now everything works perfectly fine again. Additionally, this update significantly reduces the app's RAM memory usage, almost by half. 

Another update, submitted for approval today, adds the following:
  • location marker on map now always shows direction you're facing on the street view
  • "Clear Application Cache" button on the Settings page. The OS automatically caches all downloaded map and panorama tiles so it takes more and more storage space. Strangely, BB10 only allows clearing cache of Android apps, but not native ones Shocked When cache of a native app starts taking a lot of space, users need to uninstall such app (which removes all files) and reinstall it anew, which is a pain in the arse (especially that it also removes its settings, etc). This new option in EasyStreetView (which I will also add to all other apps of mine that cache any files) makes it easy and quick - the cache can be completely cleaned with just one tap. 

The new version should become available after the weekend. I've also submitted EasyStreetView for Build For BlackBerry approval.

EasyStreetView is available in the BB World

sobota, 15 sierpnia 2015

MoonCalc Pro for BB10 now with SuperMoons

MoonCalc Pro 1.4 for BlackBerry 10 adds the following:
  • Calculation of full and new Supermoons (Supermoon is a popular name of what astronomers call "perigee-syzygy" - the coincidence of a full or new Moon with its closest approach to the Earth, i.e. the perigee. The full Supermoon is up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than at apogee, and as the Supermoon is both the closest to Earth and additionally in a straight line with the Earth and the Sun its impact on tidal forces is much increased).
  • The GPS receiver (in GPS location mode) is turned off as soon as location is obtained, to save power.
  • Various other small tweaks and improvements. 


MoonCalc is the only advanced native Moon tool for BB10. It has the Built for BlackBerry designation. 

This new version has been uploaded to BB World for approval and should become available within a day or two.

You can get it from BlackBerry World

środa, 12 sierpnia 2015

SunCalc Premium for BB10 rewritten in Cascades

SunCalc Premium has been rewritten from scratch in Cascades, so now it is a fully native BB10 application.  Additionally, this new version also brings the following enhancements: 

- Support for all BlackBerry phone models and display aspect ratios

- Active Cover showing basic data of the selected location (sunrise, sunset, dawn, dusk, transit and its elevation, day and night length, current azimuth and elevation) when the application is miminized (updated every 30 seconds)

- 14-day weather forecast for all stored locations and for the GPS

- True North / Magnetic North setting for compass. True North includes local magnetic variation, providing higher accuracy

- Share function to easily share calculations with other applications or people

- Many other small improvements and optimizations.

Screenshots (Full Touch models): 

Some screenshots from 1:1 phone models:

The new version has already been approved and is now available in the BBWorld: 

It has also been submitted for Built For BlackBerry approval, which may take up to 10 days.