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StarFinder 2.2 update for BB10

StarFinder for BB10 has been updated again to version 2.2. Changes:

** Dynamically updated (every 30 secs. to save power) Active Frame showing currently selected object's image, rise/set times, azimuth and elevation when the application is minimized.

** Share feature to easily share currently selected object's astronomical data by email, SMS, via social media, with other applications, etc.

** True North / Magnetic North selection for compass. If True North is selected, local magnetic variation (declination) is obtained and added to the compass reading, which makes it point to the geographic North (and thus also to Astronomic North as the tiny difference between them is negligible).

** Sort lists of stars and deep sky objects either alphabetically or by brightness (visual magnitude)

** Additional yellow needles on compass and elevation indicator, showing phone's current orientation. They move as you rotate/raise the phone. When those yellow arrows and the red arrows (showing selected object's azimuth and elevation) overlap, they change the color to green and the selected celestial object is right behind the phone. Makes using the program simpler and more obvious.

** An option to disable background picture

** Various other tweaks and improvements.

Some screenshots:

StarFinder is available in the BlackBerry World

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