piątek, 2 marca 2018

Talking Clock for BlackBerry BB10

Talking Clock is a tiny native headless app which works invisibly in the background and (using speech synthesis) speaks the current time in your selected language - hourly, half-hourly or quarterly. It uses virtually no resources or battery life and provides very rich configuration options.

  • The time can be spoken in one of 58 languages (virtually all major languages are supported)
  • 8 voice variants (3 male voices, 3 female voices, child, robot)
  • Configurable speech rate, pitch, word gap, intonation
  • 24 or 12 hour clock
  • Customizable message format: add words in your language before the hour, after the hour and after minutes. By default the app just says the time (e.g. 11:45) but you can easily change it to say "It's 11 hours and 45 minutes AM", or "Es ist 11 Uhr 45 Minuten", or "Jest godzina 11:45", or whatever else you feel like
  • Customizable A.M. / P.M. texts for your language
  • Customizable hour names. If your language uses a different case than nominative, you can enter texts for each hour in the correct form. E.g. "eleventh" instead of "eleven", or "jedenasta" instead of "jedenaście" in Polish, and so on.
  • Choose interval: hourly, half-hourly or quarterly
  • Exclude hours: the time will not be announced between the selected hours
  • Exclude days: the time will not be announced on the selected days of week
  • Choose active profiles: the time will be spoken only in the profiles you select
  • Mute in Bedside Mode: the time will not be spoken when the device is in the Bedside Mode.

  • Native, headless. Run once, configure all options, close and let it always work for you invisibly in the background.
  • Tiny and lightweight - virtually zero memory, CPU or battery consumption.
  • Works fully OFFLINE, the app does NOT require Internet connection and never connects to the Internet.

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