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Back2Normal for BlackBerry BB10

Do you happen to switch the phone to some silent profile and then forget to switch it back to Normal? Then Back2Normal is for you. 

It is an ultra-lightweight headless application which works invisibly in the background and fully integrates with the OS. Whenever you change profiles from Normal to any of the enabled ones, it will display a dialog letting you quickly choose WITH ONE TAP the time after which the phone will be automatically switched back to the Normal profile. Now, even if you forget to switch it back, your phone will do it for you after the time you've chosen. A silent Hub notification confirms that automatic switching to the Normal profile has been scheduled and informs about the time at which the Normal profile will be reverted. Of course, you can still do it manually at any time, and you don't have to do anything else as it will automatically cancel the scheduled automatic switch. 

If you want to change profiles without enabling the automatic function, just dismiss the dialog by tapping 'Cancel' or simply ignore it (it will close automatically after the time configured in Settings, e.g. 5 seconds). You can also enable or disable a sound notification when the Normal profile is automatically reverted to. That's it! Just select the profiles you want this app to recognize and enjoy its seamless operation. 


* Ultra-lightweight, ZERO impact on battery life or performance 
* Native, headless, fully integrated with the OS 
* Configure once and enjoy.

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