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EasyStreetView for MeeGo, Symbian and BB10

EasyStreetView is a Google Maps client for Qt-based smartphone platforms (MeeGo Harmattan, Symbian, BlackBerry Z10, Sailfish OS), focused on, and optimized for, quick and convenient StreetView usage. Easy to use, small (only 30 kB!) and fast.

Unlike in other clients, you don't have to switch back and forth between the map and the street view if you want to change location, no need to drag and drop the Pegman, either.

This application provides both the map and the street view on one screen. Simply enter an address to find the desired location and show it on a map, then just tap on a street/place you want to see and... that's it - a marker will be shown on the map and street view will be displayed.

The map and street view are integrated with each other - you can switch to a different street anytime just by tapping on different area on the map and street view will change instantly. As you move on the street view, the marker moves on the map, too, always showing you the current, exact location. At the bottom of the screen, on the task bar, you can always see current location's coordinates (latitude and longitude) and current heading (direction you're facing on the street view). The map and street view can be zoomed in/out, panned and rotated independently. You can switch the map between street and satellite view.

Obviously, this application can show the street view only for locations which street view imagery exists for. If you tap on a street or place where street view panorama is not available from Google, the marker will not be shown and a short vibration feedback will be generated to let you know that this location isn't Street View enabled.

EasyStreetView uses Google's Geocoding service to translate addresses into map locations, and Google Maps / StreetView APIs to show the map and street view. It requires Interent connection. The program supports both portrait and landscape orientation.

Reviews: AllAboutSymbian

MeeGo Harmattan (Nokia N9 / N950) version: http://store.ovi.com/content/386876

Symbian Anna & Belle version: http://store.ovi.com/content/388042

BlackBerry BB10 version: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/36957888/

5 komentarzy:

  1. Hi. This app looks really nice. Have you considered making a port for the Jolla Sailfish OS?

  2. Hi Louis. In fact, I have already made a version for Sailfish OS. I've got nearly all of my applications ported to Sailfish OS, and some of them waiting for release already since spring 2013 (!). The problem is that there's no place to sell them as Jolla still does not support paid apps in their store. Nor do they provide any in-app advertising solutions so that apps could be released for free while providing some revenue from showing ads. What's even worse, they still don't allow majority of Qt modules in their store, which means that applications requiring e.g. QtPositioning or QtLocation can't be released in their app store even for free. That's why the number of apps available for Sailfish OS is so dramatically low.

  3. make ad into apps & Provide those free on store. make revenue from ad

  4. None of the supported platforms (Symbian, MeeGo, BB10) currently provide any advertising services able to bring ANY revenue. The Ovi (Nokia) store will be closed by Microsoft in a few months. BlackBerry ad service generates nearly zero revenue. We'd love to offer ad-based free/lite versions, but on those platforms it is plainly impossible as for now.

  5. i can not reinstall your apps from ovi store. I formatted my phone but coundn't be able to ovi store. It redirected to Opera Mobile store. I counldn't get your apps on OMS. How can i get your app again? Help me please.