środa, 16 kwietnia 2014

EasyStreetView 2.0 for BlackBerry 10 (BB10)

EasyStreetView, Google Maps and StreetView client application for Qt-based smartphone platforms, aimed at and optimized for quick and convenient Street View browsing (look here for full description) has received a major update on the BlackBerry 10 platform.

In addition to all features supported by the first version, the new release also provides:

- full screen Street View, both portrait and landscape - you can switch between the full screen and split screen mode at any time using the Maximize/Minimize icon in the lower right corner of the screen

- persistent Street View coverage layer can be displayed on the map using "C" button. You'll always know which locations Street View is available for, no 'hit & miss' anymore

- the application now preserves all settings when the user switches between screen orientations (portrait / landscape) or modes (full screen / split screen): map type, location, heading, Street View coverage layer on/off, etc.

- a number of fixes and improvements.

EasyStreetView for BB10 is a native BB10 Cascades application, smooth and very small (100 kB installer, 30 kB the actual executable).

BlackBerry 10 version: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/36957888/

Previous version for Symbian and MeeGo (Nokia N9):


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