piątek, 10 października 2014

EasyStreetView for BB10 now with Directions

Another update of EasyStreetView for BB10 (2.3.0) has been submitted to BlackBerry World today (so it should be available after the weekend). This new update provides quick access to Directions and navigation.

On the Settings screen you can choose Directions provider to be used: BlackBerry or Google. This setting can be changed anytime. Once any location is selected in the application on map, you can tap the "Directions" button in the Application menu to get directions.

If "BlackBerry" is selected as provider, directions and route (from your current location to the selected location) will be shown in the native BlackBerry Maps application and from there voice guided navigation can be started with one tap.

If "Google" is selected as directions provider, Google Directions is shown in the web browser - in addition to directions (list and map route) you get Google Maps with all layers (including Traffic, Bicycling, etc.), POIs, user reviews of POIs and other information.

Some screenshots:

EasyStreetView for BB10 is available in the BlackBerry World: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/36957888/

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  1. brother can you upload same app on nokia store? Recently nokia made a update so we can hope ,u will provide this app immidiately.we do not want to miss this awesome app as symbian user especially nokia n8.

  2. Since December 31, 2013 (i.e. for almost a year now) the Nokia Store has been locked for any new Symbian/MeeGo apps or updates, which means that you can't update anything. Only old, existing apps are still available but developers can't publish anything new. This is how Microsoft finish off Symbian. I would have updated this app long ago if it was only possible...

  3. This doesn't change anything. It was just an update of the store client. As I wrote, the Nokia store will soon be closed, and this new Nokia store client has a hidden option to redirect to the Opera app store after it gets closed.

    Other than that, there are no changes. Normal developers can't update any apps. The only available option is "Unpublish" which can be used to remove apps from the store.

    Don't count on Microsoft doing anything to further support Symbian. It just won't happen.

    1. P.S. Those new apps from that collection are just an incentive so that people update the store client. Microsoft allowed a few selected ones to be updated, but everyone else still cannot update anything. Sorry, but that's how it looks.

  4. can you freely update this app which will have advertisment? After that you can release your app from your blog. We can use those apps freely. Also you can make profit from ads. Can you take this advice from a grateful user?

  5. I am not aware of any advertising service that I could use in a Symbian app.

  6. i saw your developed apps which are using around the world through many mobile OS(bb,meego,symbian.etc).i don't know your apps for app store,android,windows,firfox OS. If announce yourself with statistics about app downloads or app usage,then i think you will not have any problem to get ads from agencies. Your apps are execellent which can be used most of time. I think you have vast future on theory fo long time revenue.
    And thanks for your response with many information.