piątek, 15 stycznia 2016

Headless Torch for BB10 - the easiest and quickest access to flashlight

Do you find it annoying that whenever you need to quickly use your phone as flashlight you need to unlock it, go through multiple screens and select it from the quick menu, and then disable it the same cumbersome way?

Headless Torch is a tiny but useful tool - a headless service working invisibly in the background, providing the quickest and easiest access to the flashlight function - just by double pressing the middle Media button at any time, even when the phone is locked (if you choose so). Made to be as simple and lightweight as possible, with no unnecessary options, at virtually zero CPU or battery usage. There are several modes of operation and the button can be blocked automatically when the device is holstered. An optional camera shutter sound can be enabled or disabled, according to your liking.

From now on, with this tool you'll be able to switch flashlight on and off within half a second.

Headless Torch is available in the BlackBerry World store.

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