piątek, 15 stycznia 2016

PanoRIMio for BB10 updated

PanoRIMio is a geolocation-based photo viewer, letting you instantly watch photos of virtually any location in the world, or simply enjoy countless stunning views and amazing landscapes. It uses Google's Panoramio service consisting of more than 70 million high-quality, user-submitted photos of locations. Multiple location selection options (address, coordinates, map, GPS), ability to find photos by tag/keyword, several viewing modes including a slideshow, and more, make this application stand out compared to other apps of this kind. It is also integrated with Google Maps and Street View, so that you can always see the exact place a picture was taken at. One of its advantages is also that it shows EXCLUSIVELY photos of places, panoramas, landscapes, etc., NOT spoiled by countless selfies,family pictures or other unrelated stuff like that, which is usually the case in other similar apps.

PanoRIMio 1.1.0 update brings the following improvements:
  • added "Random Locations" option - it shows an endless stream of the most beautiful pictures from randomly selected locations in the world. Good if you just want to enjoy stunning views rather than any specific place. Especially nice in slideshow mode as makes the slideshow virtually endless 
  • added an option to play music (user-selected audio file) during slideshow
  • added an option in Settings to keep the screen awake during slideshow 
  • added an option to either auto-pause slideshow every 50 minutes (a protection against leaving it running unattended) or run continuously
  • in single image (details) view, swipe to the left for the next image
  • 'peek' (BB10 standard gesture) to go back to previous screen enabled accross the whole application
  • redesigned the UI to make it consistent with BB10 UI guidelines
  • other small tweaks and improvements
  • submitted for Built For BlackBerry approval, still waiting (it now takes ages).
PanoRIMio is available in the BlackBerry World store.

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