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EasyVolume for BB10

Control volume and mute/umute audio anytime with a single press. EasyVolume is an ultra-lightweight native headless application working invisibly in the background and letting you control audio with a single press of a button.

No more pressing and holding the Volume button and waiting until it reaches the desired volume level (e.g. zero to mute, which takes ages), or pressing it repeatedly multiple times. From now on, in any screen or application, just long-press the Volume Up or Down button and then simply select the desired volume. Or, even simpler and quicker, just short-press the middle Media button anytime (even when the device is locked) to instantly Mute or Unmute audio.

You can use both or just one of these functions, which is configurable in Settings. You can also choose if the Mute/Unmute function is enabled when the screen is off or the phone is locked.

The GUI part is only needed to choose the settings and then it can be closed and forgotten. Small and lightweight headless service will continue to work in the background and automatically restart upon reboot.

Additionally, on the Channel Control page you can see and/or modify levels of multiple audio devices (e.g. Bluetooth HFP, A2DP, wired headphones, HDMI Out, etc) including those which are not currently connected, which normally isn't accessible. EasyVolume automatically recognizes currently active device.

  • Ultra-lightweight, native, headless. The installation file is less than 100 kB. Takes virtually no CPU time or battery.
  • Quickly change volume or Mute/Unmute with a single button press, from any screen or app.
  • Enable either of the functions or both of them.
  • Allow or deny Mute/Unmute button when screen off or phone locked.
  • Enable or disable vibration feedback.
  • Active Frame showing currently active device and its volume.
  • True Mute, not 0% volume.

EasyVolume for BB10 is available in the BlackBerry World store.

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