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Headless ScreenCorder - the first and only HEADLESS screen recording app for BB10

The first and only HEADLESS screen recording app. Enjoy the freedom of recording the screen of your phone at any time and from any window, without first having to launch a screen recording app and keeping it open. ScreenCorder is a small (60 kB ) headless service that works in the background all the time and is always ready to record your screen as soon as you DOUBLE-PRESS the POWER button. Another advantage is that as the app doesn't have to be open, its Active Frame won't be appearing in your recordings.

The user can choose between several resolutions and bitrates. Frame rate choice and some other options will be added in future releases. Videos are stored in MP4 format (the same as videos recorded with the camera) in the Camera folder, either in device memory or on the memory card, depending on user's choice. Sound (if enabled) is in AAC format.


** The Headless mode has certain tight restrictions, one of them being limited memory that a headless service can use. Due to this, the highest video resolution is only supported WITHOUT AUDIO. Sound can be recorded with two lower video resolutions ONLY. It is not a bug or shortcoming, it's an OS limitation that cannot be overcome (in max resolution the video buffer takes too much of memory available for a headless service for the audio buffer to also fit there).

** The current version has NOT been tested on the PASSPORT. Without access to real device, we couldn't test if the highest (native 1440x1440) resolution can be recorded on it by a headless service. Such thing could not be tested in the simulator. The two lower resolutions certainly work fine. All other phone models were fully tested. We look forward to Passport users' feedback.

Headless ScreenCorder is now available in the BlackBerry World store.

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