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Holster+ for BlackBerry 10

Holster+ is a simple and ultra-lightweight headless app that can automatically do certain things when you holster/unholster your phone (in a holster equipped with sensor) or place it face down. 

Functions supported by this version (each of them can be freely enabled or disabled): 

* Play sound and/or vibrate when the device is being holstered/unholstered. You'll always know if the magnetic sensor locked your device. You'll also hear if it ever gets accidentally unblocked in your pocket... 

* Play sound and/or vibrate when the device is being placed face down or picked up. You'll always know if the Power Saving mode got enabled by this advanced interaction. You'll also hear when anyone else picks it up. 

* Switch to a selected profile while the phone is holstered or placed face down, then automatically revert to the old profile. 

* Turn off, turn on or toggle Bluetooth. 

* Change Multimedia volume of selected output device (speaker, headphone or both).

* Change Ringtone / Notifications volume.


* Native, headless. 
* Extremely small. 
* Virtually zero CPU, memory or battery use. 
* Configure once and forget about it, it'll work silently in the background doing its job. 


* Holster options work with holsters equipped with magnetic sensor. 

* FaceDown options require both 'Flip to Save Power' and 'Lift to Wake' interactions to be enabled in Settings / Advanced Interaction. If Battery Saving Mode is set to disable Advanced Interactions while it is active, FaceDown options won't work in Battery Saving Mode, either. 

* Only standard profiles are supported. When a custom (user made) profile is active, profile change will be ignored. 

* Profiles which disable notification sounds and/or vibration (e.g. Silent) may also disable this app's sound and/or vibration when the phone is being holstered or placed face down. You can prevent it by changing such profiles' settings for this app (Settings / Notifications / selected profile / App Exceptions). 

Holster+ is available from BlackBerry World.

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