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Astronomy Bundle for BB10

Astronomy Bundle consists of four 5-star rated astronomy apps: MoonCalc Pro, SunCalc Premium, StarFinder and SATtracker. The bundle's priced 50% OFF the apps' original total price, so you're getting four apps for the price of just two. When you buy this bundle, a simple app will be installed letting you download all the above listed apps FOR FREE. 

This bundle's contents:

>> MoonCalc Pro - Probably the most advanced Moon tool for smartphones: eclipses, New and Full Moons, Super Moons, perigees and apogees, phases, graphs, Moon compass, real-time orbit data, and much more... User rating: 5/5

>> SunCalc Premium - Advanced Sun tracking tool. Know exactly when the Sun rises, sets or transits on any selected day and in any location, get dusk and dawn (and various twilight levels) times, elevation, day length for any date and the whole year, shadow calculator and compass, weather, various graphs, real-time calculated astronomical data, and much more. User rating: 5/5

>> StarFinder - Find position of any astronomical object within seconds, be it a star, planet, galaxy, nebula, asterism, or meteor shower radiant. Just select what you want to find and your phone will instantly point you to its exact position in the sky. All objects also provide detailed astronomical data calculated in real time, rich description, and more. User rating: 4.5/5

>> SATtracker - Track the ISS (International Space Station) and almost 1000 other satellites, see on map their exact current location and orbit for the next hour, and get exact times and sky positions of all their upcoming visible night time passes over your (or any other) location. User rating: 4.5/5

Astronomy Bundle is available from BlackBerry World

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