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Utility Bundle for BlackBerry BB10

Utility Bundle BlackBerry 10 consists of eight high quality (all with five-star rating) utilities for the price of just four, i.e. 50% OFF.  It is a TIME LIMITED offer, so don't wait!

This bundle consists of:

>> Unmissable - Never miss important calls or SMS messages. Advanced, highly configurable missed call and unread SMS reminder, headless and fully integrated with the OS. With Unmissable the missed call or unread SMS LED notification won't stop after 15 minutes but it will keep blinking until you view the call or message, and you can also enable an optional sound and/or vibration reminder with configurable interval. User rating: *****

>> Headless ScreenCorder - Record the screen of your phone to a movie at any time and from any window, with a press of a button. The only headless screen recording app for BlackBerry 10, winner of the Developer Hero contest. User rating: *****

>> Headless Torch - The quickest and easiest access to flashlight, with a press of a single button, even when the phone is locked or holstered. User rating: *****

>> Holster+ - Automatically change profiles, toggle Bluetooth, change multimedia and notification volume, and more, when you holster/unholster your phome or place it face down. User rating: *****

>> EasyVolume - Mute/unmute and change volume with a single tap or button press. User rating: *****

>> Power:Less - Automatically toggle Bluetooth On/Off to save even more power in Battery Saving Mode, Bedside Mode, or when you place the phone face down. User rating: *****

>> Headless Cuckoo - Customizable hourly (and half-hourly / quarter-hourly) headless chime app. User rating: *****

>> Headless Biorhythm - Headless biorhythm calculator which automatically delivers daily biorhythm readings and their interpretations as notifications directly to your Hub and Lock screen. User rating: *****


It's simple! When you get this bundle, it will install an app letting you download all the above listed paid apps FOR FREE!

This bundle is available here: Utility Bundle for BB10 - BlackBerry World

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