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Unmissable for BlackBerry BB10

Never miss an important call or SMS. Unmissable for BB10 is a headless service that improves and enhances the way your phone notifies you about missed calls and unread text messages.

Normally, the phone flashes the LED for about 15 minutes and then stops. If you leave your phone for more than 15 minutes and then come back, there will be no visual or audible notification of any kind, so you won't know about missed communication until you turn on the display and check it there. 

Unmissable changes it so that visual and/or audible notifications persist indefinitely, i.e. until you view the missed call information or unread message. 

Configuration options include:
  • Enable indefinite notifications for missed calls, unread SMS, or both.
  • Select notification types: LED, Sound, Vibration - any or all of them, separately for calls and SMS.
  • Enable notifications for: All, All but Hidden numbers, Contacts only, Selected Contacts only.
  • Choose LED colors for calls and texts.
  • Select Sound file and notification volume.
  • Select notification interval (every 1, 3, 5, 10, or 30 minutes), separately for calls and texts.
  • Cancel the reminder at any time by pressing Volume Up button.
  • Enable or disable notifications in Bedside Mode.
Other features:
  • Native, headless. Configure once and just let it work invisibly in the background.
  • Virtually ZERO battery or CPU use - does not affect your phone's performance or battery life.

Unmissable is available in the BlackBerry World

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